Exfoliating and Brushing OFF dry skin

with the Uniback is a breeze

Our skin is often called our third kidney because of its role in detoxifying the body. Many toxins leave the skin through sweating, which is why aerobic exercise, saunas, and steam baths aid in detoxification. But a common problem is that our skin is clogged with cosmetics and dead skin cells – so toxins can’t leave our bodies as easily as they’d like. Acne and boils are common signs that the skin isn’t breathing properly, and dry skin brushing is a simple technique that can help.

Our skin is our largest organ, and holistic healer Dr. Bernard Jensen tells us that our skin is actually meant to be releasing two pounds of toxins each and every day. But like any of our detoxification pathways, if they are clogged or obstructed, they won’t function appropriately – which will leave those toxins inside our bodies where they can do us harm. If the skin isn’t breathing properly, it also puts additional stress on our liver and kidneys to detoxify what could otherwise be directed out of the body through the skin.

The action of skin brushing brushes away dead skin cells which opens up this method of elimination for the body to fully utilize. Done regularly, skin brushing improves circulation, brightens our complexion, and stimulates our lymphatic system – which is another system the body uses to detoxify us. Doing skin brushing in conjunction with using showers increases the effectiveness of this detoxification method.
It’s recommended to brush your skin off in the shower – so the dead skin will be whisked down the drain.

Uniback being wall attached gives you the ability to apply the correct pressure and with the unique reversible cloth of either coarse or smooth side is the ideal back cleanser which will rub and brush off dry and dead skin on those hard to reach places such as your back.

Use your preferred side of the cloth, coarse or smooth and rub your back against the Backbuddy. Adjust your pressure against the Uniback to rub hard enough so that your skin turns lightly red, but not hard enough to cause pain or irritation. Avoid brushing areas with rashes or broken skin.

Uniback ensures that your back will never leave the shower feeling dissatisfied again.





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