Easy Back Cleansing


BackBuddy Back Cleanser

Cleanse YOUR Back Hands Free

Throw away the scratcher on a stick

With the Revolutionary BackBuddy

YOU can cleanse Your Back with Ease


Most importantly with the pressure YOU need!

The key is leverage. And without leverage it’s

impossible to effectively scratch your back.

It makes life so much easier

An essential shower accessory


 Impossible to cleanse and scrub your own back?

Now you can do it yourself with the BackBuddy back scrubber for the shower – the ultimate bathroom accessory.

You will never have to reach over your shoulder again. 

BackBuddy’s innovative features let you wash, exfoliate, rub and even massage your back so easily it’s hard to believe.

* Pamper yourself in luxury with a choice of a soft or hard scrub according to your mood.

The BackBuddy Back Scrubber is height adjustable and a snack to fix to your shower wall.

* EXFOLIATE – Using the unique BackBuddy for back exfoliation will result in beautiful,
smoother and younger looking skin.

* MASSAGE – You can also use the BackBuddy to give yourself a therapeutic back massage.  

* ACNE on BACK? – Remove and treat acne on your back with ease and hands free.

wallmounted bt_scrub  

  Super Special Limited Time

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