Tips for a Beautiful Back

sx_backWhat do you think of as a “hot” body? Shapely thighs? Sure. Trim tummy? Definitely. Toned back? Not usually.
This may be partly because the back is not easily visible all the time, so women forget about working on it, says Alice Round, strength coach at Shredded Strength Institute.

But, she says, when you consider the back is responsible for posture, balance, core strength and mobility, it is one of the most important areas.

“Women often do not know how to train their back efficiently and avoid it; if they generally train in aerobic classes where it is predominantly anterior chain movements on the chest, biceps and quadriceps, this can result in structural imbalance and instabilities, or even possible injuries,” she says.

This is because weak and underdeveloped back muscles compared to your posterior muscles (those at the front of the body) would lead to a hunched-over posture, as the tight, stronger posterior muscles would pull the chest and shoulders forward and down, Ms Round says.

If you are a desk-bound worker, you should pay special attention to the area.
“You are constantly internally rotating the body from the shoulders and back, causing many instabilities, shoulder problems, and neck and lower back issues,” Ms Round says.

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