Wash Your BACK it’s VITAL

It’s time for us to wake up and realise that washing our back is VITAL

STOP Neglecting Your Back.

We wash our faces, perhaps even a few times per day, brush our teeth, having a shower, we are scrubbing most parts of the body but our backs get splashed and we think that’s enough.


backsplitThis means our backs are constantly covered with sweat, dirt, blocked pores, and all sorts of other nasty little things that can lead to not only to clogged skin, but also to pimples, blackhead’s and may cause back acne.

It is clear, dead skin cells, oil or grease, build-up of sun creams or other creams, dust or dirt, heavy clothing, any activity or exercise causes sweating.
Without properly washing your back afterwards will prevent the skin of your back to breathe efficiently; shampoo and other hair products can also work their way down to the back area, irritating skin and clogging pores.

It is VITAL for your back to breathe efficiently.

NO more Excuses!

Our backs are impossible to reach —casual splashing-with-water will do.

Don’t believe it, it this does nothing

Invest in a Height Adjustable Uniback-backbuddy an Australian invented device which will let you wash-cleanse-exfoliate and massage your back efficiently and most of all “HANDS FREE”.


On those hard to reach places on your back you can effortlessly remove layers of dead skin cells, oils or grease, build-up of cosmetics, sweat, dust or dirt.
THE END RESULT; NOT only will you have a clean and healthy back with younger looking skin, your skin which will be able to breathe properly and make you feel good.

Nobody want’s an Unsavory Back.


Uniback-backbuddy is for the whole family to use.