Back Buddy Hands Free Unisex Back Scrubber

Look after your health (wash your back it’s vital) and pamper your back HANDS FREE with Uniback’s Revolutionary Back Buddy.

Whats missing in my Bathroom?

How can I reach the unreachable spots on my back?

For a Wash, a Scratch an Exfoliation or Massage?


Backbuddy is here for You.


Your back deserves

to be healthy

Spoil yourself with

a little Luxury

in the Bathroom


* Pamper your back every day

* Wash, Rub and Massage

* Exfoliate dead skin cells

* Beautiful soft and skin on your back

* Feel good and relaxed

All this with little effort and

Hands Free

cartoonYou’ll never have to reach over your shoulder again

* Height Adjustable
* Reversible Double Sided Cloth
* Coarse and Smooth
* Wall Mounted